About this blog

This blog has articles on things that interest me. I have experience with Math, Networking, Python, and Linux. Expect to find posts on these types of topics.

About me

I am currently looking for work as a I currently live in San Francisco and enjoy the foggy climate. In my downtime, I like working on programming side-projects.

Formerly, I was a Network Engineer at Cisco Meraki where I enjoyed solving networking problems.

Open Source

I like contributing back to my tools. Among others, I have contributed to these projects: Wireshark, Termshark, tutorialedge.net, and termstandard/colors.

SYNC CRC6 checker functioning properly. CR6 bug I fixed in Wireshark. CRC6 is used for MBMS SYNC, which is a multicast LTE SYNC protocol.

I am also the author of tshark.dev, a website dedicated to the Pcap Lifecycle.

Incomplete list of Ross' superpowers

  • Pretending to know things
  • Troubleshooting the network stack from 802.11 to IPSEC
  • Languages: Python, Bash, Powershell, C/C++, Ruby, Mathematica, Julia
  • Frameworks: SQL, OpenAPI, Hugo, PyQt5