Which version of Julia should you install?

Minor Differences

If at all possible, you should install Julia for latest versions of Julia.


Julia jumped from v0.6 to v0.7/v1.0.0 on 8 August 2018, which created breaking changes. On the upside, there are significant mathematical optimizations.


There are many libraries that depend on older Julia versions. For example, Mocha (ML Framework), FemtoCleaner (Upgrades deprecated syntax), ACME (Circuit Modeling), and Playground (Julia VENVs) are all tied to v0.6. If you are using an affected libraries, you should do the following:

  1. Try to migrate to different >=v0.7 libraries with the same functionality
  2. Create or add to existing issue on the repo regarding >=0.7 plans
  3. Install a Julia Venv for v0.6 for this project

Keep in mind that projects get upgraded, so it’s worthwhile to occasionally check back on repos to see if they’ve fixed it.

Further Reading

  • Check out the Julia roadmap to see what features are planned!
  • The project history is good if you want to know more about how releases differ.