Create a $Profile without Admin Privileges

Like ~/.bashrc for bash, a Powershell profile allows you to load aliases or functions when you open a new terminal. While there are technically 6 Powershell profiles, we are only concerned with $Profile, which aliases to $Profile.CurrentUserCurrentHost.

  1. Open powershell and create a profile file if it does not exist.

    # New-Item = bash's touch
    New-Item -Path $Profile -ItemType "file"
  2. (Required only on Windows) Set your ExecutionPolicy to allow local scripts.

    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser -Force

  3. (Recommended if Admin) Add %Program Files% to $PATH

            "PATH", "$PATH;$ENV:ProgramFiles", "Machine")

  4. (Optional) Edit your profile with Start notepad $Profile on Windows / nano $Profile on *nix. Some people like to add Useful Functions while others like tricking out their consoles with 🎛module paths, ⛈️weather, and 👽aliens. I like Windows-Screenfetch (Add Screenfetch 2> $Null to your $Profile)

PS Screenfetch