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I didn’t like the documentation for Wireshark’s CLI, so I completely documented all Wireshark command line utilities in tshark.dev. tshark.dev is your complete guide to working with packet captures on the command-line. Every utility is documented with examples. It gets ~1000 visitors per day, and is linked to by universities and Wireshark docs themselves.

Tech stack is hugo with javascript with the Hugo Learn theme, hosted on Cloudflare pages.

It has the only searchable pcap database on the internet.


Pre-commit-hooks is a pre-commit hooks repo that integrates two C/C++ code formatters:

clang-format, uncrustify,

and five C/C++ static code analyzers:

clang-tidy, oclint, cppcheck, cpplint, include-what-you-use

This is useful for writing better C/C++ code.

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3/7 are shown here for brevity.

Additional features

  • Relay correct pass/fail to pre-commit, even when some commands exit 0 when they should not. Some versions of oclint, clang-tidy, and cppcheck have this behavior.
  • Honor -- arguments, which pre-commit has problems with
  • Optionally enforce a command version so your team gets code formatted/analyzed the same way
  • Formatters clang-format and uncrustify will error with diffs of what has changed