Status Install License
Merlink Alpha PyPI, binaries Apache 2.0
PcapGraph Alpha PyPI Apache 2.0

Meraki VPN Client

A GUI client that will connect desktop devices to Meraki firewalls via an L2TP/IPSEC connection. This program uses a Meraki dashboard admin’s credentials to pull the data required for a Client VPN connection, create the connection with OS built-ins, and then connect. Using the PyQt5 framework, this is available for Linux, Macos, and Windows.


Analyze multiple Packet Captures

3 Packet Captures taken consecutively

Assists with flow-based troubleshooting where there are at least 2 pcaps. It can create a horizontal bar graph to visualize when pcaps were taken to verify that packet captures taken across multiple interfaces or devices are contemporaneous. Set operations can also be performed on packet captures where packets are elements. This can be useful when trying to establish whether there is any traffic across packet captures that is EXACTLY the same.